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We Are Plumbing Experts!

Hire us to help with your plumbing needs. We pride ourselves on high quality customer service.
Serving the Miami, Florida area.

Drain Cleaning Services

Let us unclog your drains for you.

Water Heater Replacement Services

We Can Help you with Bathtub, Faucet, or Water Heater Replacement.

Water Leak Detection Services

We use state-of-the art equipment to find and repair leaks in pipes that are hard to find.

We Are Miami’s Plumber

Coastal Plumbing of Brickell Inc is locally owned and operated by Eddie Rodriguez, an expert plumber with over twenty-four years of experience. With state of the art equipment and competitive pricing, Coastal Plumbing of Brickell Inc is simply unbeatable. We guarantee all of our work, and provide a warrantee when you take advantage of our plumbing inspection service.

We offer a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Emergency plumbing
  • Pipe leak repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Water heater repair/installation
  • Tub/shower installation
  • Faucet repair
  • Install/repair toilets
  • Install/repair shower valves
  • Remove and replace food/garbage disposal
  • Rebuild food/garbage disposal
  • Install dishwasher
  • Install/repair high-end fixtures from Grohe, Kohler, Delta, American, Standard and more

These are only a few of the many services we offer. If you are in need of a different plumbing service, feel free to contact Coastal Plumbing of Brickell Inc today so we may address your questions. Providing excellent customer service is our top priority, and we promise to treat your home as if it were our own.

We Offer Effective Hydro-Jetting Services

We use precision when delivering our hydro-jet cleaning services. The purpose of hydro-jetting is to restore cast iron pipes by cutting away the grease using water at ultra-high pressures. Our sewer jetter equipment is top of the line, which helps us complete the job efficiently and requires minimal cleanup.

Hydro jet cleaning can be highly effective in comparison to using a traditional drain snake for multiple reasons. Firstly, the high pressure water stream involved in hydro jet cleaning, saves the excessive amount of time it would take a rooter to poke through debris mechanically. Also, pressurized cleaning is ideal for breaking up sand, soap, grease, and other substances that have accumulated into thick layers over long periods of time.

This residue buildup will eventually clog your drain completely, which is not something that can be solved completely with a drain snake. In these instances, contacting a professional plumber is crucial. Let Coastal Plumbing do the job for you today!

Companies that use old equipment will often deliver poor results, yet charge you the same prices we offer. Avoid spending top dollar with a plumber who has low quality equipment by contacting Coastal Plumbing.

Coastal Plumbing of Brickell Inc can also install a cleanout, whereby we run the sewer to clear stoppages. We can locate existing cleanouts and sewer pipes, as well as provide other related services.  We have the knowledge and experience to answer all of your plumbing-related questions.

Coastal Plumbing Provides Leak Detection Services

Did you receive an an unusually high water bill this month? Perhaps the issue is being caused by a plumbing leak. Coastal Plumbing of Brickell Inc will save you the hassle of tearing out your yard or tile (and your hair) to find the source of the leak with our innovative electronic detection equipment.

The traditional search and destroy method is basically a process of trial and error, whereby excessive areas of your property may be demolished. This outdated method is both time consuming and messy. Electronic detection will help you avoid these problems, and save you thousands of dollars that the search and destroy method would cost. Contact Coastal Plumbing of Brickell Inc for an estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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